Le’ahi Originals

Build your own Pina Colada

Original Pinacolada
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Le’ahi Mai Tai

Le’ahi Seltzer
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Lilikoi Margarita

Le’ahi Mule

Hawaiian Iced Tea


Draft 16 oz
Please ask about our rotating selection of draft beers

Michelob Ultra
Kona Light Blonde
Kona Long Board
Kona Big Wave
Heineken Corona
Negro Modelo



Garlic Sriracha Butter Edamame


Wings – 6 pc or 12 pc
Classic fried wings coated with:
Dry Rubs: BBQ – Buffalo – Salt & Vinegar Sauce: Spicy Korean Sauce

Poke Fresh
Ahi Tuna Shoyu Poke
Spicy Mayo Tuna Avocado
Traditional Hawaiian Vegan w/ Kalo, Ulu, & Ulua

Tasty Tots
With our dynamite sauce

Crispy Fries
Gravy Fries
Garlic Fries

With a furikake sprinkle

Oyster shooter
Yum! Oyster with ponzu

Kalua Pig Nachos
Fresh-made chips, salsa, cheese and jalapenos

Furikake Popcorn
Delicious, buttery popcorn with crispy rice crackers

Honey Walnut Shrimp
8pcs shrimp with sweet chili mayo, toasted walnuts and coconut flakes

Garlic Sriracha Butter Edamame
Best soybean snack ever

Le’ahi Tacos
(2) Two tacos with your choice of chicken or carnitas style kalua pig

Garlic Shrimp
Six juicy shell-on shrimp with rice

Banana Haupia Pudding
Banana, pudding, cream, and locally made cookies.

Black Sesame Pudding
Sweet black sesame with nilla wafers and locally made pillowy rice cakes.