Plate Lunch
Served with rice and local style mac salad

Daily Chicken
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Daily Fish
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Daily Beef
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Hamburger Steak
1/2lb hawaiian style house patty with grilled onion

Loco Moco
1/2lb hawaiian style house patty with a poached egg

    Leahi Plate Lunches
    Poke Bowls

    PokE Bowls
    Protein with onion served on rice with one of our house sauces.

    Choose your protein:

    • Maguro
    • Salmon
    • Traditional (*Vegan Friendly): Kalo, Ulu, and Uala

    Choose your sauce:

    • Hawaiian
    • Shoyu
    • Spicy Mayo
    • Ginger Scallion

    Served on a Taro Bun with fries

    House Burger
    1/2 lb house Hawaiian patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, house sauce and cheese

    BBQ Kalua Pork Sandwich
    Local-style pulled pork, slaw, and fried onions


      Banana Haupia Pudding
      Banana, pudding, cream, and locally made cookies.

      Black Sesame Pudding
      Sweet black sesame with nilla wafers and locally made pillowy rice cakes.